Skeleton Key Epipremnum pinnatum - 4" Pot - Collector's Series

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Epipremnum pinnatum 'Skeleton Key' is quite an odd and interesting sport with leaves that develop narrow, pointed tips while remaining wide at the basal half of the leaf. The mutation becomes more prominent as the plant is allowed to climb a totem such as a moss pole or cedar plank. The larger leaves grow to resemble some kind of asymmetrical sting ray. Like other epipremnums, this plant is quite easy to care for and makes a wonderful houseplant. Provide with a burlap wrapped pole or mossy totem to climb. The best type of potting mix for the ‘Skeleton Key’ is same as you would give any Aroid, a nice well draining organic mix that will neither dry out too quickly nor retain too much moisture. A good blend for Aroids, 35% coir, 35% mulch, 15% charcoal, and 15% vermiculite. When it comes to picking out a pot, choose one that is not too much larger than the root ball, but will provide enough room for the roots to grow. If you notice your ‘Skeleton Key’ slowing in growth, it is best to check the roots and make sure that it isn’t time to re-pot into a larger sized container. Also, it is a good idea to provide something for it to climb so you get to see the adult leaves that the plant was named for. They can be grown in either hanging baskets or pots, however, remember their nature to vine out. Epipremnum thrives between 55°- 90°F and in lower light conditions than other house plants. Epipremnum is often unrecognizable from their juvenile state because they grow so large and in a completely different leaf shape. The starter plant you receive will have juvenile leaves that have not yet begun to show the unique mutation. As the plant grows, it will begin to produce leaves with the signature skeleton key shape.
  • Collector's Series
  • Great as a house plant, adds a tropical feel
  • Bright filtered light. Keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t burn
  • Thrive on totems
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot