Sinbad Pink Angel Wing Begonia - 6" Hanging Basket - Great House Plant

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The Angel Wing Begonia (also called Dragon Wing) is native to tropical regions and therefore prefers light, humid environments. The more light exposure they receive, the more colorful their leaves will be. The intensity of the color of the flowers and leaves depends upon how much light the plant is getting. Very strong grower, remaining a charmer in any window. Prefers money sun or very bright, indirect light. Trim as needed. Sinbad Angel Wing Begonia Plant is an antique variety that is most often grown for its silvery and bronzy foliage. Emerging in striking shades of pinky-orange to bronze, the new foliage then makes its metamorphosis to light green with a silvery, speckled overlay and darker, more deeply colored veining, the true sign of a Cane Begonia. The undersides retain a pinkish-golden color with darker pink margins, the combination quite striking! Sinbad's blossoms are tiny, shy and every shade from red to pink, sometimes seeming to hide under the more boisterously-colored foliage.
  • Blooms year round
  • Pink Blooms
  • Angel Wing Begonia
  • Easy to grow houseplant
  • Immediate shipping, 6" Hanging Basket