Siberian Rose Fernleaf Peony 4 Seeds - Perennial

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PEONY: Peony plants bear an attractive, glossy green foliage that reaches 2'-3' in height with a similar spread. But their popularity is due mainly to their flowers. Peony plants bloom in late spring or early summer. There are peony plants that are indigenous to China, Europe and the Western U.S. The herbaceous Peony has been cultivated in home gardens for over 600 years. Considering the beauty of the flower and the longevity of the plants, it's no wonder why they have long been a perennial favorite.
Peony clumps may survive for up to as long as 50 years, so it is advisable to prepare the site very thoroughly before planting. Once they have become established in the garden, they are reasonably free from maintenance and problems.

Erect herbaceous perennial with fine leaves. Single bowl-shaped pink to purple flowers, early summer.

Sun/partial shade
Soil Condition Moist/well drained

Hardy in zones 5-9

Proper name: Paeonia anomala

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