Sassy Summer Sunset Yarrow - Achillea - Sun Lover - Quart Pot

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Delicate, fernlike foliage with flat terminal flower heads. Flowers are long-lasting and excellent for cutting. Plants are drought tolerant and thrive in poor, dry soils. Good for summer color in the mid-border area. Enchanting orange blossoms that bees and butterflies adore! 'Sassy Summer Sunset'is a tropical twist on traditional yarrow. Its enticing flower-heads begin a warm orange that matures to yellow and pollinators find them absolutely irresistible! Unpalatable to deer and rabbits, this perennial is ideal for pest-plagued landscapes. Despite its towering habit, 'Sunset' is quite durable and its stems are sturdy enough to handle its large blossoms without flopping. It doesn't need much water and performs well even in poor soil, making this yarrow an excellent choice for beginners and chronic "plant killers". Treat your garden to the easy low maintenance beauty of 'Sassy Summer Sunset'! Incredibly tolerant of drought and willing to take off in even the poorest of soils and all they need to flourish is well-drained soil in a sunny spot that doesn't get too much wind, and they'll be ready to bloom for you from summer into fall! Choose this bright orange variety to bring life back into your landscape. They do best in full sun and in zones 3-8. Garden Care: Adaptable to nearly any soil type with adequate drainage. Allow to dry between waterings. Self-reliant and maintenance free. Deadheading enhances appearance and encourages rebloom. May be divided at any time to rejuvenate.
  • Color of Bloom: Orange maturing to yellow
  • Zones 3-8. Loves the sun
  • Months of Bloom: Summer
  • Mature Height: 24-36"
  • Immediate shipping one quart pot. Dormant shipping in the winter