Santaka Hot Asian Chile Pepper Seeds - 30 Seeds

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Santaka is the ideal pepper for Asian cooking. The 2”-2 1/2” long fruits have thin walls and an intense spicy flavor. They are wonderful when thinly sliced into stir-fry dishes, a hot eggplant dish, or a hot salsa. The very prolific plants may produce up to 150 peppers in their lifetime! Unlike most pepper varieties, Santaka pepper plants produce white flowers that grow fruit upright from the stems, making a beautiful ornamental presentation. However, because they are so exposed, they may require some shade in the afternoon to prevent sunscald. Due to their intense spicy heat, be sure to use gloves when harvesting the fruit or handling them in the kitchen and do not touch any other body part after touching them until you have thoroughly washed your hands.
  • 70 Days
  • Warm Season Crop
  • Zesty & Very Hot!
  • A must for Asian food
  • Ships from Ohio

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