Red Alert Calla Lily Bulb - Zantedeschia - 14/16 cm - NEW

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This is everything you'd want in a calla lily. First off, you'll love its extraordinary style—that classic, smooth calla flower silhouette meets a strong, bold color that won't fade in the sun. But the reason it'll steal your heart? Red Alert is smooth sailing in the home garden—it is so easy to grow for such an impressive look. It'll stay lovely a long time, too, because the foliage is prettily speckled and stays nice after the flowers finish. You can use Red Alert in a cutting garden too. Either feature a bunch of these bright red blooms, add it into mixed arrangements, or pair it with some other dramatic calla lilies, like Giant White Calla Lily. Callas are tender bulbs, so Red Alert will grow fast and bloom well, but needs to be lifted in winter. Or you could plant it in a pot, use it as an easy accent, and bring it into a shed for the winter. Zantedeschia 'Red Alert'
  • Fiery Red Blooms
  • Mature Height: 18-24 inches
  • Prefers sun.
  • Hardy in zones 8-11, elsewhere dig and store in the winter
  • Immediate Shipping. 14/16 cm bulb