Rare Pink Lily of the Valley 5 Pips (Roots) - Great in Shade!

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The natural beauty of Lily of the Valley is timeless, and now even more so with this very rare pink form. Its miniature woodland bells in subtle rosy-pink emanate a cool, smooth fragrance - a real feast for the senses. Thrives in shady areas, under trees and shrubs, or simply in beds and borders and spread rapidly to replicate a carpet of delicate pink foliage. Wonderful for naturalising in drifts and enchanting as a cut flower. They may be grown in sun or shade and make an excellent ground cover in sun or shade. This versatile plant will grow in almost any soil, but does best in a rich, moist soil. A planting benefits from an topdressing consisting of compost, leaf mold or well rotted manure plus a complete fertilizer. Once the plants are established, just leave them alone. Propagation is by rhizome division in early spring or fall. Pips are large buds on the end of the rhizomes and their tips should be planted one inch below the soil surface.
  • Hardy in zones 2-8
  • Mature Height: 6-8 inches
  • Spring blooming
  • Prefers shade or part-shade
  • Immediate shipping of 5 bare root pips (roots)