Rare Monolena Primuliflora - Ant Plant - Collector's Series - 6" Pot

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Monolena Primuliflora or the Ant Plant is an attractive plant with bold and thick foliage that produces dainty pink and white flowers. It is very appealing to those who like foliage plants, tropical flowers, and anyone who specializes in caudex-producing plants. This plant is fairly unique and on the more rare side than your typical Snake Plant or other commonly known houseplants. This plant requires bright, indirect sunlight and soil that is well-draining but always stays moist. Even the slightest bit of dryness to their soil will cause them to become leggy and lose their leaves. You can provide them with artificial lighting to ensure they receive the proper warmth and humidity they need to thrive.
  • Native to Ecuador and Peru
  • Easy to grow House Plant
  • Very cute flowers, pale pink
  • Allow to go on the dry side between watering
  • Immediate shipping 6" Pot