Purple Passion Asparagus 10 Roots - Passion in the Garden - Heirloom/No GMOs

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Purple Passion Asparagus, Bundle of 10 roots! Put a little Passion in your gardening! This gorgeous and tasty asparagus has taken Europe by storm! This is the creme de la creme of the gourmet asparagus world. Chefs say this is the best tasting asparagus to be found on any continent. The purple spears should be picked when young, 6-8 tall while buds are still tight. Female spears tend to be thinner (pencil thickness) and not quite as tender as the slightly more robust males which are best when ½ inch thick.. The foliage of this perennial vegetable will grow 4-6 feet . When planting, space the roots 18 inches apart in the garden after chance of heavy frost. When cooked, the sweet tender spears turn green. Roots received before planting time may be packed in moist soil or sand and stored in a cool place until ready to plant. Plant roots as early in spring as soil can be worked. Choose a sunny location with rich, well-drained soil. When selecting a site, keep in mind that asparagus is a perennial vegetable; a planting should not be disturbed. Dig trenches 6-8" deep and 12-15" wide. Set roots in bottom of trench, spacing crowns (center) 15-18" apart in the row. Spread roots out as far as possible, and cover with 3-4" of fine soil. Fill trenches in as shoots grow. Space rows 2 1/2 - 4' apart. Cultivate or mulch to control weeds. Fertilize at least once during growing season, and water well during dry spells. In late fall, cut tips down to ground level when they have turned brown. Do not cut spears heavily until the third year.
  • Best tasting asparagus to be found on any continent
  • The purple spears should be picked when young, 6-8 inches tall while buds are still tight
  • Space the roots 18 inches apart. Zones 3-9.
  • Loves the sun and good drainage
  • Immediate shipping 10 Bare Roots