Purple Cloak Alocasia - Houseplant - 6" Pot

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Alocasia Princeps “Purple Cloak” is a stunning Alocasia type! In their juvenile form, their leaves are round and silver — almost iridescent! As they mature their leaves become elongated, the underside of their leaves turn purple and they retain their silver hue. They do prefer consistently moist soil and filtered light or morning sun only. These Alocasias can get up to about 4ft tall. With most Alocasia you want to provide plenty of bright light. This could be dapple direct sun for about 1-2 hours such as morning light or just if you had a room that is bright filtered light for a majority of the day. Because they do like as much filtered light as they can get, Alocasia will naturally shift their orientation towards the light. Sometimes, if an Alocasia has more of an if your plant is drooping or has an 'umbrella' effect it is not always necessarily an indicator of being thirsty but an attempt to position itself to catch the most light. Overhead light will keep these nice and perky! They will like to dry out roughly 2-3" in the soil between waterings. When repotting, use a coarse well-draining soil.
  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Naturally grows multiple stems
  • Exotic purple leaves
  • Prefers indirect light or morning sun
  • Immediate shipping in a 6" pot