Pink Mist Pincushion Flower - Scabiosa - Long Blooming - Quart Pot

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SCABIOSA: The combination of attractive flowers, a long flowering season and versatility make the 'Pincushion Flower', Scabiosa a nice summer flowering plant for the garden. Their showy flowers, in addition to being attractive in the garden are also excellent for cutting, drying or pressing. The plant gets its name 'Pincushion Flower' because the stamens protrude from the center of the flower appearing like pins stuck in a cushion. Enjoy cheerful pink flower color for an extra long season in summer. Delightful, lavender-pink flowers top tall thin stems above finely cut, gray-green clumping foliage. Perennial.
  • Prefers sun or part-sun
  • Color of Bloom: Lavender Pink
  • Hardy Zones 4-9
  • Months of Bloom: Spring-Fall
  • Mature Height: 15"