GC® Pink Frost Christmas/Lenten Rose - Helleborus - Shade - Gallon Pot

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HELLEBORUS: The genus Helleborus covers a group of perennial plants from Europe and Asia. Virtually all are garden worthy, though the acaulescent (stemless) hybrids have become the most popular forms found in gardens. These perennials are vigorous growers and abundant bloomers in rich, alluring colors like deep red-wine, cherry-blossom pink, to soft, creamy lime and pure, snow white. They are undemanding when provided with just a little shade and well-drained soil. Heuger Gold Collection® An eruption of burgundy buds open to blossoms in soft pink shades that darken to rich hues as flowers age. As fresh blooms appear, the display across the spectrum from white to pink to red is stunning. Rich green foliage has red stems and veins and a silvery sheen marbled across the top.
  • Hardy in zones 5-9.
  • Mature Height: 15-18". Loves the shade
  • Grow on a windowsill, indoors until planting time in the spring
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