Pink Foxtail Lily 8 Seeds - Eremurus - Perennial

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pink foxtail lily
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Eremurus robustus - "The Pink Foxtail Lily"

There are some 40 - 50 species of Eremurus, in the wild they grow in rocky semi-desert or grazed grassland habitats in W & C Asia. They are stately plants producing tall upright stems each bearing a densely flowered spike. Produce a fleshy rooted crown with a central growing point. Where possible these plants should be grown in an area with excellent drainage. Winter wet is the biggest killer of these plants, although they flower better if they are exposed to winter frosts when dormant. The young emerging shoots can be damaged by late frosts, dry straw or bracken can be used to protect the young shoots in areas where this may be a problem. In a wet spring however any such protective covering should be removed to avoid rotting of the young shoots.

The species Eremurus robustus is very stately and produces flower spikes that can be over 40 inches in height. The flowers are of pink and are carried in the late spring or early summer. As can be seen from the image here our plants are performing well in the rock and scree garden.

Your garden will be pretty in pink! Pale peachy pink flower clusters grow to over 40" tall atop towering stems and green foliage. Prefers full sun and will tolerate sandy soil if well drained. Use this lovely and awe-inspiring plant for the back of borders or perennial beds.
Hardy in Zones: 5-9

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