Pink Cockatoo Urn Plant - Exotic/Easy Houseplant - Vriesea - 4" Pot

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Vriesea 'Erythrodactylon' / Urn/Vase Plant 'Pink Cockatoo' Bromeliad, compact plant green with burgundy base and leaf tips. Blooms are fan-shaped with yellow centers and pink edges. An easy to grow house plant. Provide morning sun or very bright, indirect light. Keep the center vase of the plant full of water. Lightly water soil when it starts to dry but remember water is taken in mainly through the central tank. New plants (pups) form on the side of the plant and can be removed to create new plants
  • Great gift for the home, office, apartment or dorm
  • Proper name: Vriesea Pink Cockatoo Erythrodactylon
  • Keep the center vase full of water
  • Water the soil when on the dry side
  • Immediate Shipping, not in bloom