Pineapple Sage - A Favorite for Hummingbirds and You - Live Plant - 2.5" Pot

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A small perennial evergreen subshrub, with woody stems, colorful leaves, and blue to purplish flowers. It is a member of the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region and commonly grown as a kitchen and medicinal herb or as an ornamental garden plant. Starter plant in a 2.5" pot. Dense, uniform, ornamental plants. Uses: Fresh, dried or cooked to flavor or garnish. Pineapple Sage should be called Hummingbird Highway. Its profuse bright red tubular flowers and its attraction to hummingbirds are reason enough to plant this late season bloomer. Pineapple Sage does have a pineappley fragrance, and a fresh edible flower. The flowers are reminiscent of Honeysuckle and make a colorful addition to salads, fruit cocktails or any garnish. They are particularly attractive with yellow or green bell pepper. They can be sugared and used to garnish cakes or cookie platters.
  • Mature Height: 2-3 feet or trim at any height
  • Blooms all summer and fall
  • Grow indoors or out. Hardy in zones 7-10
  • Prefers sun or part-sun
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