Pimento Elite Sweet Pepper - 3.5" Pot

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The Pimiento Elite F1 pepper is a hybrid version of the popular Pimiento pepper, but it’s much more prolific and high yielding. They are like Pimento L, although the Pimiento Elite pepper has higher yields and are oval-shaped. Growing to 3.5 inches long, they form into heart-shaped sweet peppers with tapered, blunt ends and thick walls. What makes them unique is that the Pimiento Elite peppers are effortless and less time consuming for processing and canning because they fit so neatly in a jar. The Pimiento Elite pepper plant is excellent for home gardens because it is TMV resistant and produces heavy yields of sweet peppers at an earlier maturing stage. The peppers will mature from green to red, and we recommend harvesting them when they turn red for more flavors! They are excellent for canning, pickling, and garnishing, and to roast, fry, and cook. They are great additions to salads and sandwiches, and to stuff with meat or cheese for a delicious hors d’oeuvres.
  • Extremely prolific plant
  • Heavy yields of small sweet peppers provide a steady harvest through the growing season
  • Sweet, large, beautiful, bright red hybrid pepper
  • Days to Harvest: 60+ Days
  • Immediate shipping in a 3.5" Pot