Peruvian Lily Bulb - Scilla peruviana - 1 Bulb - 18/+ cm Bulb

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An extremely attractive flowering bulb producing large flower heads of violet blue flowers in late spring. Great for a sunny position with a little shade. To grow this plant to perfection bulbs should be planted into well drained soil in a warm sunny location which also gets some partial shade during the day. This position will encourage flowering and the partial shade will enable the flowers to last longer. Remove the flower heads as soon as it has finished flowering to encourage better flowers next year. Scilla peruviana, sometimes called the Peruvian Lily is not a lily at all. It actually belongs to the Hyacinth family and it is found growing naturally in the Mediterranean area. Scilla itself is a large genus with many species growing naturally in the wild in including Europe, Asia and South Africa. It produces large round flower heads with the individual flowers being a mid to violet blue colour. As the flower head grows it becomes more elongated. Once it has finished flowering the seed heads are quite attractive and sometimes used for floral art. The bulbs grow quite quickly and produce long bright green strap like thick, waxy leaves. There is a very nice white form which is occasionally grown. They are not usually attacked by pests or diseases. Propagation is easiest by division – divide the bulbs in autumn and replant them individually or in small groups. Plant them so that about half the bulb is in the ground. It will grow readily from seed but this takes about 2 months to flower.
  • Mature Height: 10-12 inches. Zone 8-10 or indoors
  • Fragrant
  • Late Spring blooming
  • 18/+ cm Bulb
  • Immediate Shipping 1 Bulb