Perennial Peanut Plant - Arachis glabrata - 2.5" Pot - Great Groundcover

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The perennial peanut evolved in tropical conditions and is adapted to subtropical and warm temperate climates. In the northern hemisphere, this would include locations below 32 degrees north latitude (Florida-Georgia state line) having a long, warm growing season. Hardy Zones 8b-11 Perennial peanut has recently shown promise as an ornamental groundcover due to its high resistance to drought, nematodes, and pathogens and its minimal fertilizer needs. This translates into savings in water, energy, dollars, and reduced impacts to the environment. It is not only beneficial to the environment since it requires no supplemental nitrogen or phosphorus fertilization or pest control, but it also is aesthetically pleasing, can be walked on, and has edible, peanut flavored flowers. Rhizome perennial peanut has several potential advantages in the managed landscape. As its name implies, perennial peanut is long-lived and doesn't require replanting once established. Perennial peanut is best suited to south Florida conditions where winter frosts are infrequent. Perennial peanut has been successful in north and central Florida conditions where annual frosts occur, damaging above-ground foliage. Peanut is adapted to the droughty, infertile sands of Florida.
  • Hardy Zones 8b-11, drought tolerant
  • Mature Height: 6-12" Spacing: 6-9"
  • Full Sun, well drained soil
  • Peanut-flavored flowers, does not produce the legume/peanut
  • Immediate shipping 2.5" pot, similar to the second photo