Pacific Sun Spots Orchid - Odontocidium Catatante - 4" Pot - Collector Orchids

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Odontocidium Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' AM/AOS (Onc. Sphacetante x Odcdm. Wildcatt). A clone of an American Orchid Society awarded plant. Tall 30 to 36 inch plus stems with a burgundy orange color. Blooming Size. Grow in cool, intermediate, or warm temps, allowing the potting mix to approach dryness between watering. Prefers medium light levels.
  • Collector Orchids
  • These exotic plants thrive in any home and make excellent house, dormitory or office plants!
  • Water thoroughly when on the dry side
  • Does best in bright indirect sunlight or morning sun
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot, blooming size