'Mesa Yellow' Blanket Flower - Gaillardia - 2010 AAS Winner - One Gallon Pot

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When Mesa™ Yellow was introduced as a seed, it promptly swept the European and American awards. Nothing short of a breeding breakthrough, it cut the sowing-to-blooming time by a whole season. Now that it's available in plant form, we'll be able to enjoy its many other merits, which include a tighter, better-branched, more compact habit, greater uniformity, and many, many more blooms. Oh, and the solid yellow color is brand new to the Gaillardia family. What else could Mesa™ Yellow possibly pioneer?! Measuring 3 inches wide, the blooms just radiate hot sunny color, from the knobby golden center (which becomes an elegant seedhead for cutflower or garden beauty) to the profuse, slender yellow petals. They appear far more generously than those of other Blanket Flowers, lasting easily into fall in warm climates. Butterflies adore these flowers, and songbirds feast on the cones in autumn. They are quite long-lasting, arising on strong but wiry green stems. Add them to your cutting garden as well as to the sunny perennial border and patio containers! Almost as exciting as the blooms is the plant habit, which is very restrained by Gaillardia standards, and guaranteed not to flop or loosen up, even in hot climates. Just 18 to 20 inches high and 20 to 22 inches wide, this is a compact, well-branched, very uniform plant, with the flowers all reaching about the same height. In fact, this is where the name Mesa™ comes in - the abundant blooms have a level, flat-topped look, similar to the mesas of the American southwest. Every aspect of Mesa™ Yellow is an improvement over older varieties. Indifferent to heat, humidity, drought, cold, damp, and just about any other foible of nature, this American native will not only grow in your sunny garden... it will flourish. Zones 5-10.
  • Hardy Zones 5-9
  • Mature Height: 18-20"
  • Deer resistant
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Immediate shipping in One Gallon pot. Dormant shipping in winter.

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