Meigetsu Japanese Maple 7 Seeds - Acer - Bonsai

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MAPLE TREES: Maple trees are large, deciduous trees that grow throughout the world. In the United States, they are more common in the northern states. Many people know maple trees for their spectacular fall color. Meigetsu Japanese Maple: Foliage is bright green with some texture. Fall colors are blends of gold and red. A sturdy tree which will take sun, it will grow to 20 feet or more, forming a round-topped canopy with maturity. A great landscape tree for zones 5-9. Grows up to twenty feet in height but is often pruned shorter. Also makes an excellent bonsai specimen.
  • Foliage is bright green with some texture
  • Fall colors are blends of gold and red
  • Sturdy tree which will take sun
  • Great landscape tree for zones 5-9
  • Makes a stunning bonsai tree

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