Luffa Gourd/Chinese Okra Seeds - 25 Seeds - Make Your Own Sponges

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Plant gourds if for no other reason than because they're fun! They come in a delightful, wacky array of shapes, colors, and sizes and are sure to bring a smile when you harvest them. Many will grow up fences and trellises, which makes them even more interesting and dramatic. Luffa Bathroom Gourd. Yes really! Now you can grow your own bathroom sponges! It's the fibrous internal structure of the gourd that converts into sponges after 12 inches long. 12 to 18 inches fruits are dried and seeded to make durable sponges. They climb or spread just like cucumbers and need very similar growing treatment. When ripe, leave in a dry place, and the outer skin will come away revealing the loofah beneath. Wash them in mild disinfectant and place in a warm place to dry completely. Fruits in late summer. Climber. The Luffa Gourd can also be eaten. It is know in Asian Cuisine as "Cee Gwa." Harvest when 6" long for eating. Can be eaten like a cucumber, or chop and stir-fry with chicken, bamboo shoots, or cashews. Luffa Gourd seeds can be sown indoors two to four weeks before the last frost, and transplanted after four weeks. When sowing outside, plant the Luffa Gourd seeds one inch deep in moist soil, six feet between seeds. While growing, be sure not to overwater, as doing so can cause rot and mildew to spread throughout the vine. When the gourds are ready to be harvested, the stems will turn yellow and can be cut off the vine.
  • Gourd seeds do well in moist soil, and can be harvested off the vine when ready
  • Sow indoors two to four weeks before the last frost, and transplanted after four weeks
  • Heirloom, Non-GMO
  • You will receive 25 seeds
  • Ships from Ohio