Lime Zinger Golden Elephant Ear Plant - Xanthosoma - 2.5" Pot

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Lime Zinger Golden Elephant Ear - Araceae Xanthosoma hybrid Grown for its large, chartreuse-yellow, heartshaped leaves, Elephant Ear ‘Lime Zinger’ adds distinctive color to the garden and gardeners often report that it seems to glow when planted with other foliage and flowering plants. The defining chartreuse-yellow leaves can reach 1.5’ long with plants rising up to 3-4’ tall. We have been surprised at the resiliency and vigor of this cultivar that loves hot, humid, summer weather. Native to tropical America, Xanthosomas are grown for their starchy tubers. In northern zones, the entire plant or just the underground tuber, must overwinter inside and can be replanted the following spring. Allow the soil to dry a little between waterings. Although they are in the taro root family and can handle high moisture levels, a little soil dryness will ensure root health. Damaged leaves can be pruned at anytime. Xanthosoma are easy to grow, preferring high light and warm temperatures in order to grow quickly. Preferred humidity, 50% of higher; however, they will tolerate low levels with no harm.
  • Zones 10-13 or as a house plant
  • Mature Size: Height 3-4 feet x 2-3 feet wide
  • Bright Exotic leaves
  • Full sun, partial sun or shade, a southern, eastern, western or northern exposure
  • Immediate shipping, starter plant in a 2.5" pot, similar to the second and third photos


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    Love these elephant ears!

    Posted by Erica on Nov 19th 2021

    I love the neon green color this plant has! Brightens up my plant collection amongst the leafy greens. This came carefully wrapped with no bent or broken stems. Highly satisfied with Hirt’s plants. Always pest free, which is a plus!