Organic Lettuce Leaf Basil - Potted - Slightly Spicy, Aromatic - 4.5" Pot

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HERBS: Treat yourself to fresh herbs right from your garden! The difference when home grown is impressive! All are excellent for adding distinctive flavor to meat, and fish dishes, gravies, soups, salads and vegetables. They are fun to grow and make an attractive garden addition! Lettuce Leaf Basil Ocimum basilicum Heirloom 2-3 ft. Great pesto variety because of its abundant yield of large, fragrant leaves. Has the largest leaf of any basil. Cultivated since the late 1800s. Slow to bolt. Flowers are edible. Requires warm conditions. Pinch off heads to keep productive. Plant Spacing: 8-12" Apart - Full Sun/Partial Shade - Moderate Water
  • Sweet, but not as strong as other sweet basils
  • Particularly suitable for tossing into salads or wrapping fish, chicken or a rice stuffing for grilling
  • In summer the plant carries spikes of whorled, edible, pale-pink flowers
  • Loves the sun and hot weather
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