Lenten Rose 10 Seeds - Helleborus - Shade Perennial

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HELLEBORUS: The genus Helleborus covers a group of perennial plants from Europe and Asia. Virtually all are garden worthy, though the acaulescent (stemless) hybrids have become the most popular forms found in gardens. These perennials are vigorous growers and abundant bloomers in rich, alluring colors like deep red-wine, cherry-blossom pink, to soft, creamy lime and pure, snow white. They are undemanding when provided with just a little shade and well-drained soil.

A thoroughbred mixture of color in these superb Helleborus which insist on flowering very early in the year when nothing else ventures out. Expect greens, pinks, beaujolais and almost black with an indescribable range of colors in between. Hardy perennial. Height: 18". Correct name: Helleborus orientalis.

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