Lemon Cucumber Seeds - 50 Seeds - Sweet Tender Variety

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65 days. This unique strain of cucumber takes 65 days until it is ready to harvest. Sunny yellow baseball sized fruits with white to bright yellow flesh resemble a lemon grow from the vine. The Lemon round and yellow. Since this variety is mature in just sixty five days, a steady harvest can be achieved by planting regularly throughout the season. Lemon Cucumbers have a mild, sweet flavor. Use for slicing and pickling. Easy to grow. Pick when young. Lemon cucumber seeds need full sun and should be planted in warm soil with a pH level between 6 and 6.8. Sow the seeds an inch deep with 36 inches between plants. If you are using a trellis, a foot between plants is adequate. Cucumbers will need regular watering while growing. When ready to harvest, cut the Lemon cucumbers at the stem.
  • 60-70 Days to Maturity
  • Unique Yellow, Baseball-Sized Cucumbers
  • Non-GMO
  • 50 Seeds
  • Ships from Ohio