Kenneth Bivens Santa Barbara Orchid - Brassidium - 4" Pot - Collector Orchids

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This stunning orchid received a Highly Commended Certificate from the American Orchid Society and is a classic that belongs in every collection. The original award winning plant was exhibited by the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate in 1981, and featured an incredible 16 flowers on one spike! Clones of the awarded plant are almost as floriferous, and we regularly see spikes absolutely filled with flowers. A primary hybrid between Onc. cariniferum and Brs. arcuigera, these are easy growing and hearty plants, thriving in medium light and cool to hot conditions. Perfect for experienced growers and beginners alike! Blooming Size. Grow in cool, intermediate, or warm temps, allowing the potting mix to approach dryness between watering. Prefers medium light levels.
  • Collector Orchids
  • These exotic plants thrive in any home and make excellent house, dormitory or office plants!
  • Water thoroughly when on the dry side
  • Does best in bright indirect sunlight or morning sun
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot, blooming size