Kedron Jonquilla Daffodil 5 Bulbs - 12/14 cm Bulbs

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Bronze-yellow petals with vibrant orange cups; fragrant. 1-3 flowers per stem. Jonquilla Daffodil. These fabulous Narcissus pack superior color and form in miniature size. Jonquillas delight the eye with 1-5 flowers per stem and corona-type cups that are usually wider than they are long. Cyclamineus bring a different perspective to the garden with their short "necks" that present a single flower at an acute angle to the stem. Both groups are perfect for rock gardens, borders, beds, window boxes and naturalizing
  • Hardy in zones 2-9
  • Bulb Size: 12/14cm
  • Mature Height: 12-14"
  • Bloom time; early to mid spring
  • Immediate Shipping 5 Bulbs