Italian Large Leaf Basil Seeds - 1.5 grams

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Annual. This large-leaved heirloom Genovese type basil is particularly good for pesto and any dish that calls for fresh basil leaves. Basil has so many uses! It is wonderful in Italian foods, flavored vinegars, wih fish, poultry, rice, and vegetables. It is also easy to grow these 18?-24? tall plants outdoors in containers or in the garden. In a warm, south-facing window, you can even grow it inside during winter! (Harvest often to keep plants compact and encourage new leaf production.) This packet plants one 75-foot row or three successive plantings of 25-foot rows.
  • Ocimum basilicum
  • Annual
  • Warm Season Crop
  • Heirloom
  • 2.5 grams of seed

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