Italian Clematis 15 Seeds - Clematis viticella

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Clematis viticella. Originating from native to Southern Europe Clematis viticella (Italian Clematis), have finally come up in the world. They thrive both in a hot Mediterranean climate and in the coolness of Northern Europe. Preferring sunny areas they shouldn't be planted in shade or over a north facing wall, but will settle for moderate or even poor soil. These varieties are healthier and less prone to "clematis wilt", the most dangerous disease of large-flowered varieties. The plants are easy to use in a variety of ways. They are excellent for beginning gardeners and those who dream of a beautiful garden but lack time for garden work. They may be of interest to connoisseurs looking for original plants at the same time being suitable for growing in public places. Varieties from this group are vigorous growers (on average they reach a height of 3 m and some even as much as 5 m) and their profuse and long blooming fully makes up for smaller flower stature. Leaves, composed of 5-7 leaflets, are smaller than those of large-flowered varieties but are healthier and often stay green until frost. Clematis viticella and all of its small flowered descendants bloom in summer and autumn on the current year's shoots and should be hard-pruned to within 20-40 cm of the ground in the early spring (February - March). Flowers are usually the shape of an open, slightly nodding bell measuring between 4 and 13 cm. Clematis viticella has flowers a bluish violet. Clematis from the Viticella Group share the common trait of great adaptability to various garden uses. They can be trained over different kinds of supports to which they can cling with curling petioles (trellises, pillars, poles and arches) forming colorful spots the main parts of the garden. They are excellent for growing over fences, especially wire meshes, which they cover with a thick layer of leaves and flowers. Hardy in zones 4-9.
  • Clematis viticella
  • Originating from native to Southern Europe
  • Hardy in zones 4-9
  • Bluish-Violet Flowers
  • Ships from Ohio


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    these seeds are TINY!!!!

    Posted by Troy E Arient on Apr 15th 2021

    I haven't had a chance to start these seeds yet, but they scare me!!! They are so tiny....I'm going to try just setting them on some potting soil and misting them. I guess we'll see what happens!!!