Intrigue Daffodil - 8 Bulbs - Narcissus - 12/14 cm Bulbs

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The newly opened blossoms of N. ‘Intrigue’ (1970, Zones 2-10) are a soft chartreuse-yellow. As they mature, however, the flowers become a luminous white and attract a lot of attention, especially when planted with a blood-red tulip like ‘Hollandia’. When combined with another soft-colored flower, like Hyacinthus orientalis ‘Lady Derby’, it creates a peaceful scene. An American-bred jonquilla-type daffodil with several flowers per stem, ‘Intrigue’ also has a wonderful fragrance.
  • Mature Height: 14-16"
  • Bloom Time: Mid-Spring
  • Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Hardy Zones 2-10
  • 12/14 cm Bulbs

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