Honesty Money Plant Seeds - 1 gram - Lunaria

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Annual. Blooms spring to early summer. 1'-3' tall. Full sun to part shade. An old-fashioned heirloom and garden favorite. Silvery, translucent seedpods or 'coins' are perfect for dried bouquets! Popular in winter arrangements since colonial times. Money Plant was introduced to England from Germany in the late 1500's and brought to America by the Puritans as a reminder of home. Also called honesty, silver dollar, satin flower, penny flower, Judas' penny, and moonwort. Plant in mass in beds, borders, or along the edge of shrub plantings where shining pods can catch the sunlight. Money Plant is a biennial - plant in spring and silvery seedpods will appear the following year. May bloom the first year if sown indoors as early as January or February in mild climates. Important to harvest seeds pods to prevent self-sowing, if that is not desirable. To use as a cut flower, cut stems long when half the buds are open and condition overnight in warm water before arranging. To dry Money Plant, cut the stems as the pods fade from green to brown, hang upside down in a cool, airy place. May take four weeks or more
  • Annual
  • Blooms Spring-Early Summer
  • Mature Height: 1-3'
  • Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Ships from Ohio