Hirt's Indoor MaidenHair Fern - Adiantum - 4" Pot

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FERN: A fern is any one of a group of about 12,000 species of plants. Unlike mosses they have xylem and phloem (making them vascular plants). They have stems, leaves, and roots like other vascular plants. Ferns do not have either seeds or flowers (they reproduce via spores). The Maidenhair Fern, despite it's delicate appearance is an easy to grow houseplant. It will thrive in a cool, indirect light window. Keep evenly moist, but not wet or dry. Trim as needed. The variety of indoor maidenhair fern sent may vary.
  • Delicate lacy soft green fern. Easy to grow.
  • Prefers bright, indirect light.
  • Keep evenly moist.
  • Prune as needed
  • Immediate shipping in 4" Pot, Indoor variety sent may vary


  • 5
    So far, so good. Great packing and shipping as always!

    Posted by Heather Frizzell on Mar 19th 2021

    I love ferns and these always looked so dainty. They would be perfect in a fairy garden! I have heard they are dramatic, but this one seems to be doing quite well. It was soaked when I received it on Monday (it's Friday) and I have only sprayed the leaves since then.

  • 4

    Posted by Dassia on Mar 17th 2021

    I could tell the quality of plant I had just received was great and I will use this site to purchase future plants as well

  • 5
    hirt's indoor maidenhair fern

    Posted by carmon deen on Oct 29th 2020

    Strong and healthy growth, not leggy or anemic at all. Totally satisfied.

  • 5

    Posted by Tra P. T. Tran on Sep 23rd 2020

    4" pot is a perfect size for my preference. Not too big so I would be able to grow up a little before I have to repot. Not too small that I feel like Im gonna wait forever for them to grow up and look like what it's supposed to. The plant was wrapped in bubble wrap meticulously and without a leaf falling off so far. I almost feel guilty about the amount of protection that I had to throw away when unboxing the plants but it helped.... so thank you for such a lovely fern!