Hindu Indian Rope Plant - Hoya - Exotic yet Easy - 2" Pot - Collector's Series

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Hirt Hoya carnosa compacta
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The Hindu Rope Plant is an exotic house plant native to the far east. It is rather easy to grow and can reach lengths of over 8 feet! The plant is easy to grow. It does best in a filtered light window and watered when dry. The plant prefers to be pot bound. The plant has thick, convoluted, dark green leaves, arranged on trailing, twisted stems. Small, white, waxy flowers have red centers and are very fragrant. It is related to the Wax Plant. Proper name:Hoya carnosa compacta You will receive a small starter plant growing in a 2.5" growers pot, similar to the first photo.
  • Prefers morning sun or very bright, indirect light
  • Water when dry
  • Easy to grow
  • Proper Name: Hoya carnosa compacta
  • Immediate Shipping. Small starter plant 2.5" growers pot, similar to the first photo.