Himalayan White Poppy 20 Seeds - Meconopsis

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T&M (Jelitto) Meconopsis betonicifolia
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A rare white form of the well know, and much coveted, Himalayan Blue Poppy. This pure white alternative offers an exciting change. A picture of art, with pure white creped petals fading to cream.

Proper name: Meconopsis betonicifolia alba.

      Plant History: Meconopsis is a curious range of species, each one uniquely different to another, there are around 45 in total with many being connoisseur favorites. As the name suggests, the Himalayan Poppy originates in this particular area of China where it can enjoy cool, moist summers. The name is from the Greek, mekon, the poppy, and opsis which alludes to the appearance of the blooms.

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