Heirloom Pepper Plant Collection - 2.5" Pots- Shishito, Colorbell, Giant Marconi

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Start your own heirloom pepper plant collection! You will receive three pepper plants - 1 Shishito, 1 Tasty Colorbell and 1 Giant Marconi each growing in a 2.5" Pot. Shishito Sweet Wrinkled Old Man Pepper: Very productive, small plants will bear loads of wrinkled peppers. Medium heat. Very thin walls (1-2 mm), easy to dry. Japanese variety used for frying. Also known as Sweet Wrinkled Old Man. Bell peppers have a rounded, square shape with four lobes. They are hollow, with flat seeds inside. Bell peppers are the most commonly grown type of pepper in North America. Most bell peppers are harvested when they are still green, but when left to mature on the plant for a longer length of time, some peppers will turn shades of red, yellow or even purple. Giant Marconi Pepper: AAS Vegetable Award Winner 'Giant Marconi' is an improved Italian grilling pepper. About 6 to 8 inches long, the tapered green pepper will mature to red on the 30 inch plant. 'Giant Marconi' tastes excellent raw but is best when grilled. It has a memorable sweet, smoky flavor. 'Giant Marconi' was judged best in its class for earliness, yield, pepper size and flavor.
  • Heirloom Pepper Collection
  • Great for vegetable gardens or container growing
  • Days to Maturity: 70 to 90 days
  • Shishito / Tasty Colorbell / Giant Marconi
  • Immediate shipping, 3 hot pepper plants each growing in a 2.5" Pot