Haworthia concolor - Easy to Grow Succulent - 2.5" Pot

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Haworthia Concolor is a very small succulent that only grows up to 6 inches tall. It has long, fleshy leaves that are white at the edges. Most people like to grow them indoors as they are quite compact. They grow white flowers in the spring. Haworthias are a genus of small succulent plants confined in the wild almost exclusively to South Africa. The charm of Haworthias is in their small size, ease of growth, and the almost infinite variation of their delightful leaves. Haworthias rarely require a pot larger than 4-inches in diameter making them ideally suited for a bright windowsill. Perhaps the biggest problem you will encounter when growing Haworthias is that they tend to be addictive! If you acquire more than one plant, you may find yourself wanting more and more. Haworthias are very easy to grow. Remember that Haworthias are succulents, so they require abundant bright light. They also require a well drained soil that approaches dryness between watering. It is best to fertilize only sparingly, using a water soluble houseplant fertilizer diluted to 1/4 strength, no more often than monthly during active growth, and not all if the plant is resting. Normal house temperatures are fine.
  • Allow soil to dry in between waterings
  • Use a cacti/succulent soil when repotting
  • Provide bright, indirect light or morning sun
  • Mature Height: 6"
  • Immediate Shipping in a 2.5" Pot


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    Little plant made it savely

    Posted by Doneta Moore on Nov 16th 2022

    My brand new baby concolor got here and was none the wear with the temperature dropping bellow freezing.