Green Globe & Purple Romanga Artichoke - 18 Seeds

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Artichokes are easy grow in any climate if you have the space. (Green Globe Improved gets 5' tall and 8' wide, hardy to USDA zones 5-6 with protection. Purple of Romagna gets 6' tall and 8' wide, hardy to USDA zones 8-9). The secret is to start them indoors very early, so they will have enough time to form buds. 'Green Globe Improved' is a selection of the popular heirloom 'Green Globe' and does well in shorter seasons. 'Purple of Romagna' is an Italian heirloom that is coveted by chefs for its color and tenderness. The hardest part will be deciding whether to grow them to eat or for their ornamental architectural beauty in the garden! This packet plants: One 20-foot row.
  • 180-240 days to maturity
  • Cool season crop
  • Heirloom
  • 1 gram of seed