Green Desert Rose Succulent - Echeveria - 2 Pack 2" Pots -Easy to Grow Succulent

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Green Echeveria -Watering- The most common problem people have with cacti and succulent plants is over-watering. They are 'water storing' plants and will do better with less water than they will with more. Since every situation is considerably different, there is not set time interval for when to water cacti and succulents. Many factors play a role in the timing (such as humidity, light, and temperature). General Rule: Water Cacti and succulents thoroughly and allow them to dry out completely between watering. Most species of cacti and succulent plants will do well in a location where the temperature ranges from 40 F to 95 F.
  • Echeveria 'Green'
  • Bright, Indirect Light
  • Great House Plant!
  • Easy to Grow!
  • Immediate Shipping 2 Pack 2" Pots