Golden Swallow Tail Begonia Plant -3.75" Pot- Terrarium/Fairy Garden/HousePlant

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The leaves are a bright yellow/green with a faint brown stitching along the edge. Leaves have overlapping lazy spirals but you can barely tell anyway since the leaf folds and cups, and the plant grows so full, it's hard to tell where one leaf ends and other starts. Leaves are irregularly lobed, sometimes shallow and sometimes to a cleft. Very crisp and clean in appearance with a satin sheen that only adds to the golden affect. Lots of pink flower spikes in late winter. Everyone loves this begonia not only for it's looks, but also for it's ease of growth. This begonia gives maximum color in a compact space. Easy to grow. Prefers morning sun or bright, indirect light. Water when on the dry side. Trim as needed.

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