Golden Matrix Asiatic Lily - 2 Bulbs - Golden Yellow - 14/16cm

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Hardy Asiatic Lily, ‘Golden Matrix®’ is a fantastic, dwarf lily. These bright golden-yellow flowers are speckled in the center throat of the bloom. They are sure to add a sunny touch to your summer garden! The flowers are large and numerous on one stem which is usually about 16-20″ tall. It is an upright, bulbous perennial with a compact, erect stems bearing narrowly ovate, spirally-arranged, glossy, dark green leaves. These lilies are sure to be a delight in your garden. They are super for growing in pots on a patio, porch or poolside. The luxurious deep green foliage makes a fine contrast to the flowers. Truly outstanding. The flowers are on sturdy stems above lance-like leaves. This is a hardy perennial that will multiply year after year when planted in the garden. Dwarf Lilies are perfect for even small gardens. Nothing compares to a mass of colorful lilies in full bloom. The lily is a symbol of majesty and these regal carefree blooms produce up to 12 beautiful flowers per bulb. Fragrant and lovely with attractively reflexed petals, Asiatic Lilies are available here in a complete color range. Plant 12-18 inches apart.
  • Bright golden yellow, speckled center
  • Height: 24-30". Loves the sun. No Pollen.
  • Blooms in June and July. Great cut flower.
  • Hardy in zones 3-9.
  • Immediate Shipping. 14/16 cm bulbs.

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