Gold Finger Miagos Bush - Green Aralia - Osmoxylon lineare - 4" Pot

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Osmoxylon Lineare "Goldfinger", commonly referred to as the Miagos Bush or Green Aralia is an evergreen shrub endemic to the Philippines but can be found in cultivation throughout the tropics and subtropics. Mature stands can reach up to 10' tall with a similar spread. The upright branches are topped with clusters of glossy, deeply cut foliage. The leaves appear to be palmately compound but are in fact entire, made up of four to six narrow, linear segments that can reach 8" long and 0.5" wide. Terminal, compound umbels of small, white flowers bloom mostly in summer and are followed by contrasting round, black fruits. The fruits are attractive to birds. The genus name Osmoxylon comes from the Greek roots osmo meaning "fragrant" and xylon meaning "wood", possibly in reference to the odor of the wood of some members of this genus. The specific epithet lineare means "linear" and refers to the shape of the foliar segments of this species. The origins of the common names of this species are disputed.
  • Easy to grow houseplant
  • Great in a hanging pot
  • Will grow in low light
  • Low maintenance
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