Glitter Dipped Green Waxed Amaryllis Bulb - Immediate Shipping/Holiday Blooms

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Our easiest-ever amaryllis needs no planting and no watering — the waxed bulb of this amaryllis holds all the stored energy and water it needs to grow and bloom. A coiled wire embedded in the wax on the bottom of the bulb makes it freestanding. Simply place the bulb on any flat surface, set it in a clear vase or nestle it among other holiday decorations. Then watch in amazement as shoots begin to emerge from the bulb. In about four to six weeks the stunning flowers will begin to bloom. No watering, fertilizing or staking required. You can expect one or two flower stalks, each with up to four blooms. Note: Growth cracks may appear in the wax coating as the flower stalks emerge and progress to blooming. The color of the amaryllis bloom may vary with the season. For larger blooms place waxed bulb in soil or in saucer of water. If grown in soil, simply place the bulb on the top of a pot of soil and keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. If grown in a saucer of water just keep the water touching the bottom of the bulb.
  • Easiest-Ever Amaryllis Bulb — No Soil or Water Needed!
  • Amazing amaryllis bulb blooms needs no planting or watering
  • Freestanding bulb can be grown anywhere. Gift Box Included.
  • The color of the amaryllis bloom may vary with the season.
  • Immediate Shipping

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