Gilded Tower Mystic Maze Orchid - Banfieldara - 4" Pot - Collector Orchids

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Banfieldara (Bnfd.) Gilded Tower also recognized as Brascidostele (Bcd.) Gilded tower (Brassostele Summit x Brassidium Gilded Urchin) produces bright, eye-catching green blooms! This hybrid pops with color! When in bloom, this orchid shows off 5" star-shaped flowers that first open with a greenish color, then progress to being more yellow as the flowers mature. The petals and sepals have chocolate-red markings and the lip is a maze of red vertical striations through the lip. Long lasting flowers borne on 24" tall spikes with 10 or more flowers. This plant will flower twice per year. Blooming Size. Grow in intermediate, or warm temps, allowing the potting mix to approach dryness between watering. Prefers medium light levels.
  • Collector Orchids
  • These exotic plants thrive in any home and make excellent house, dormitory or office plants!
  • Water thoroughly when on the dry side
  • Does best in bright indirect sunlight or morning sun
  • Immediate shipping in a 4" pot, blooming size