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gas plant
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Three Alarm Blaze in Progress - Botanical Pyromania. The blossoms, stems and leaves of this amazing plant produce a volatile oil (gas) that has a strong LEMON or citrus perfume. On hot, still summer evenings when the invisible gas surrounds the plant, a lit match will ignite the gas into a flash of blue flame. Enjoy that lemon perfume and those beautiful flowers! Makes a good cut flower and is very hardy.

Some common names for this hardy perennial include gas plant, burning bush, dittany, and fraxinella. They make an excellent choice for low-maintenance gardens because they are extremely long-lived perennials that prefer to be left alone and undisturbed.

Blooming in late spring and summer, the rose flowers are usually veined with purple. The flowers are borne on erect spikes, and each one has 5 petals (with the lowermost petal drooping) and conspicuous, upward-curving stamens.

Dictamnus spreads gradually over the years to form a handsome specimen. They prefer sun or light shade and can be used in perennial beds, borders, or as accent plants. For a great colorful display, try mixing them with bearded iris and campanulas.

Leaves are light to dark green, semi-glossy, alternate and odd pinnnate. Each leaf may have up to eleven 2-3 inch leaflets. Both the foliage and attractive, star-shaped seedpods are aromatic, emitting a strong fragrance of citrus. The foliage remains attractive throughout the season. PLANT IN ORDINARY GARDEN SOIL. GREAT FOR LOW MAINTENANCE GARDEN. FULL SUN TO PART SHADE. GROWS 2-3 FEET TALL. ONCE PLANTED, LEAVE UNDISTURBED. PROPAGATE BY SEED. AROMATIC SEEDS & FOLIAGE. ATTRACTIVE FOLIAGE THROUGHOUT SEASON HARDY IN ZONES 2 - 9 (US). Proper name: Dictamnus fraxinella rose


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    Securely packaged, promptly delivered

    Posted by Susan on Sep 8th 2020

    Due to the exacting germination requirements, I'm turning these seeds over to my Master Gardener husband. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

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