Flirting Pink Blushing Vase Plant - Bromelias Neoregelia - 6" Pot

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The blushing bromeliad (Neoregelia 'Flirting') has a rosette of narrow large strap like, lanced shaped and saw edged leaves. These leaves arch over (which grow to about 1ft long) and the whole rosette has a flattened effect. They prefer temperatures of about 65 – 80ºF (18 – 27ºC) Avoid lower than 55ºF. To water, Fill the center vase – using distilled or rain-sourced water and change it every four to six weeks. The soil needs to be kept slightly moist but not soaked. A combination of some sun and shade provided throughout the day is advised or filtered sun.
  • Easy to grow houseplant
  • Prefers bright, indirect light or morning sun
  • Keep central vase full of water
  • Water when on the dry side
  • Immediate shipping in a 6" Pot