Fiesta Blend Nasturtium Seeds - 2 grams - Certified Organic

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Botanical 2026
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Annual. Blooms spring to fall. Full sun. 12"-16" tall. A fiery-colored blend of edible flowers and foliage. Fiesta Blend is an explosion of color with blooms ranging from yellow to various shades of orange and peach/orange bi-colors. Every salad should have edible Nasturtium flowers! Their peppery flavor is similar to watercress. The blossom petals are a romantic and colorful addition to salads and pastas. The blossoms can also be stuffed with cream cheese to top crackers or summer squash rounds. Don't forget to plant some in your vegetable patch! They are an excellent companion plant for many vegetables and beneficial under fruit trees. Kids love to plant these seeds that look like tiny pebbles. A hummingbird feast!
  • Annual
  • Blooms spring to fall
  • 12-16" tall
  • Full sun to light shade
  • Ships from Ohio