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Tulips with this special shape are called ‘Coronet’ (meaning crown) tulips. The registration committee of the Dutch KAVB has given them their own identity in the International Register of Tulip Names; the Coronet Group. That is great news, because the Coronet tulips really are something else and distinguish themselves very well from other tulips. Elegant Crown is another fantastic tulip from the "Coronet" family, they all have a special flower shape that looks like a crown. Beautiful solid tulip that bloom in the end of the season and loves a bit of sunlight. The tulip has got a wonderful red color with a white edge on his crown. The folded petals appear as though they were modeled in clay. Sometimes called Coronet Tulips, they are ideal cut flowers due to their long-lasting vase life.
  • Mature Height: 18"
  • Red With White Edge
  • Hardy Zones 3-8
  • Bloom Time: April-May
  • Immediate Shipping 6 Bulbs