Easter Lily Cactus - Echinopsis Oxygona - 2 Pack in 2" Pots

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Echinoposis Oxygona, also known as the "Easter Lily Cactus," this species blooms 3" flowers in lemon yellow, pristine white, cotton candy pink, and coral red. Hardy outdoors in zones 9-11. Full sun to light shade. A great addition to your indoor cacti garden. Many people tend to think that cacti and succulents are too difficult to care for and decide against even buying them. As it turns out, many people are simply caring for them too much or too often. Cacti and succulents will do quite well under the same conditions which would be considered neglect with other plants. Watering: The most common problem people have with cacti and succulent plants are overwatering. They are 'water storing' plants and will do better with less water than they will with more. Since every situation is considerably different, there is no set time interval for when to water cacti and succulents. Many factors play a role in the timing (such as humidity, light, and temperature). General Rule: Water Cacti and succulents thoroughly and allow them to dry out completely between watering. If you are not sure if the soil is completely dried out it is useful to stick your finger in the soil (1" or so if necessary) to see if the soil is dry. Many plants will be potted with a sand or grit topping, be sure to check the soil for moisture, not just the topping. If you are still not sure and think it may be too moist, don't water it! Light: Cacti and succulent plants love bright sun and will do quite well on a windowsill or on a porch. There are some species, however, that will do better in the shade or partly sunny places. These include some species of haworthias and aloes. If you think your plant is being dried out or damaged from the direct sun, move it to a less bright location. If you have a plant in a location where there is little or no sunlight and notice it is stretching, it is a good idea to move it into a brighter location. Temperature: Cacti and succulent plants can survive a wide range of temperatures, but it is preferable that they are kept in a warm bright location for the best results, and the most beautiful color. There are some species of cacti that are actually 'winter hardy' and can survive in temperatures well below freezing. If you are not sure that your plant is winter hardy, do not attempt to leave it in the cold! Most species of cacti and succulent plants will do well in a location where the temperature ranges from 40 F to 95 F. Grown and shipped from Ohio, USA
  • Add to your cactus & succulent collection
  • Easy to Grow
  • Water when dry, Likes full sun
  • You will receive two plants each growing in a 2" pot
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