Dwf Coffee Bean Tree 10 Seeds-Coffea arabica nana

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Join the coffee craze and produce your very own coffee beans! Not only is Arabica the coffee of commerce, with red, pulpy berries produced on an upright shrub, it also has fragrant white blooms against shiny green leaves. Coffea arabica nana is a small subtropical evergreen tree. This is a dwarf variety of it which only grows a few feet tall. It has large, deep green, glossy leaves and white flowers, each lasting a few days, with a scent like jasmine. The berries are green at first, ripening to dark red over a period of eight months. Plants can have flowers and berries at the same time. It can be grown as a houseplant in a bright position or in a conservatory. Fertilize monthly during winter and every 2 weeks throughout the growing season. It is actually very easy to grow, indoors. This is surely worth a try for something different. Proper name: Coffea arabica nana. All seeds include germination and growing instructions.

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